Your Key to Soft and Fresh Skin

PLÉSYR AQUA INJECTION Serum goes a decisive step further in moisturizing and sustainably leveling the moisture balance: the unique active ingredient complex of 2D and 3D hyaluronate penetrates deep into the various skin layers and replenishes the moisture reserves. AQUAXYL® acts as an additional hyaluronic acid booster which promotes water circulation in all skin layers and at the same time prevents epidermal water loss. For visibly fresh and supple skin.

  • PLÉSYR 3D Hyaluronate

    Provides a visible instant effect on the skin surface.

  • PLÉSYR 2D Hyaluronate

    Smooths out wrinkles from inside and and stimulates the formation of procollagen.

  • Aquaxyl®

    Intensively hydrates the skin and improves water circulation.

  • Amino Acid Complex

    Stimulates keratin synthesis and protects the skin from dehydration and infections.

  • Allantoin

    Has an anti-inflammatory effect and improves cell regeneration.

  • Adenosine

    Ensures optimal blood circulation and gives the skin a healthy and vital appearance.

PLÉSYR Hyaluroic Acid Serums