PLÉSYR Connects the Three Leading Technologies of Skincare to a Highly Effective Skin Treatment Concept

Elixir for a radiantly beautiful skin: the hydrophilic PLÉSYR hyaluronic acid serums are applied first and can be combined with one another according to individual skin concerns.

The intensely hydrating PLÉSYR Bio-Cellulose Masks are naturally fermented from coconut water, and as such act as the perfect connecting bridge between skin and the ultrasound applicator heads of the PLÉSYR Beauty Mask.

Wearable hightech: PLÉSYR Beauty Mask combines ultrasound with high tone power forming a professional skincare treatment.

The First Swiss to Reveal Their Secret Recipe

Our video (currently in German, subtitles will follow soon) shows the PLÉSYR treatment concept explained step by step.

The PLÉSYR Professional Product Family at a Glance