The Body’s Own Substance That Works for Us – Naturally and Effectively

Hyaluronic acid occurs natively in the cells. It enjoys great fame in skin care cosmetics – and rightly so, because it is the best moisturizer one can wish for. We have perfected nature's magic formula into a highly effective complex which covers the broad spectrum from everyday to special skin needs in six luxurious serums.

  • Bye Bye, Dear Wrinkles!

    Botox is water runder the bridge: we fill wrinkles from the inside out without using any harmful ingredients.

  • The Assistant in the Fight Against Pigmented Moles and Age Spots

    Hyaluron in combination with highly effective active ingredients ensures a clear skin appearance.

  • The Clear Answer to Skin Impurities

    Whether young or mature: with the right hyaluronic acid serum, the pores get a treatment at its finest

  • This Even Irritates Skin Irritations

    Our particularly active ingredient combination is a great recipe for the beneficial treatment of irritated skin.

  • Good Night You Dark Circles Around the Eyes!

    The days of lacrimal sacs, dark shadows under and wrinkles around the eyes are numbered – stay FRESH!

PLÉSYR Hyaluronic Acid Serums