Moisture Booster and Sophisticated Connector in the PLÉSYR Beauty System

Our bio-cellulose mask is available in 5 versions for different skin types and needs. It is extraordinarily delicate: developed from fermented coconut water, we are looking at a biological fine cellulose which is about 20 times more delicate as a carrier material than conventional cotton cellulose. For the skin, this means a much more efficient supply of active ingredients and moisture. The bio-cellulose mask is effective autonomously or within the PLÉSYR Beauty System as an excellent link between hyaluronic acid serums and the Beauty Mask.

  • Bring the Water On!

    We counter epidermal water loss with intensive hydration.

  • From Oily Skin to Even Skin

    Refined pores promote the regulation of sebum – shiny skin is cleanly matted.

  • For Combination Skin, the Trick Is in the The Mixture

    The solution lies in our mask which pampers oily and dry skin at the same time.

  • Nourishment for Dry Skin

    Moisture is one thing: damaged skin is just as thirsty for nourishing provisions.

  • Gentle to Sensitive Areas

    Calming, relaxing, protecting: only a mask that nestles comfortably against the skin can do this.

PLÉSYR Bio-Cellulose Masks