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PLÉSYR was a planned child: after the baby had been expected in joyful anticipation, it was finally born into the world of care cosmetics in 2018 – as a complete treatment concept including care line, matching beauty devices and fully developed sales organization. What lied ahead of the birth was somewhat unusual but still following a sense of logic.

And that’s how the story goes: three experienced entrepreneurs meet. The first one had been gathering care cosmetics know-how in his own family business for three decades. The second one had been a successful contestant in football as well as in sales since his youth, and the third one saw his breakthrough with ingeniously simple ideas when the internet was right in the change process from being accepted to become the big boom of the time.

The eastern part of Switzerland has a tradition of being innovative in terms of economy. In the region of St. Gallen and Appenzell it quickly gets around if there is unused potential for fresh business ideas. And that’s how Thomas Frueh, Joe Zinnbauer und Doelf Frueh (unrelated to Thomas Frueh) got together one day in order to pool together their capabilities as well as contacts, which is, by the way, to be considered a typical Swiss thing to do.

It is time to make the best of the best even better by combining its components.

Thomas Frueh, product developer of PLÉSYR

The result of the fruitful exchange was a decisive conviction: it is time to make the best of the best even better by combining its components. And so it was implemented: as of today, the three leading high technologies of care cosmetics, united in an integral master plan, are on the market. However, by philosophy, none of the products are available in retail trade. This is due to PLÉSYR’s exclusive sales strategy that is meant to offer a business chance to sales and communications talents.

An important component of this new idea was the great deal of motivation which had been ignited early on in the test phase, thanks to numerous pleasing feedbacks. Thus the way to finding a name for the latest and lightest attitude towards life in premium cosmetics wouldn’t be long: PLÉSYR is a slight modification of the French word for joy, which is spelled “plaisir”. The joy of PLÉSYR should always be authentic and never forced upon anyone of its users.

You’ll have to experience it yourself!

The Full Power of PLÉSYR

Explore the entire product range including care products, hyaluronic acid serum, bio-cellulose mask and beauty devices consisting of the PLÉSYR Beauty Mask and PLÉSYR Beauty Stylo.