• Treatment Concept

  • What is special about PLÉSYR?

    The combination of the three leading cutting-edge technologies in skincare cosmetics – hyaluronic serums, bio-cellulose masks and ultrasonic high-frequency applicators – into a holistic treatment concept that unfolds its maximum effect through the combination and fine tuning of the three components.

  • What is the PLÉSYR PROFESSIONAL Line?

    This care line contains the six PLÉSYR Hyaluronic Acid Serums and the five PLÉSYR Bio-Cellulose Masks. The active ingredients are coordinated with one another and with the PLÉSYR Beauty Mask. The PLÉSYR Beauty Stylo and the PLÉSYR Beauty Pod control unit are also part of the Professional line. The use of the system is uncomplicated and easy to learn.

  • Which ingredients are contained in the products?

    A wide variety of ingredients are used in our products. Information about the substances used in our formulations is provided by the list of key ingredients as well as the complete list of ingredients according to international standards (INCI). The ingredients of the individual products can be found on the respective packaging and package insert and on this website under the product description. A complete overview in the style of an encyclopaedia with all ingredients used can be found at INCI under the top menu item Encyclopaedia of Ingredients. The key ingredients can also be found under the same menu item.

  • How to Use

  • How do I use PLÉSYR?

    In the PLÉSYR treatment concept, there are various forms of application depending on the component:

    • The hyaluron acid serums can be combined and used simultaneously without any problems. To do this, they should be applied generously to the skin withouth massaging them into the skin.
    • The bio-cellulose mask is placed on top: for this purpose, the wafer-thin mask is modelled on the face until it fits smoothly and the cutouts for eyes, nose and mouth fit perfectly.
    • Next, the PLÉSYR Beauty Mask is put on. It should not be too tight, but still has to fit well. A relaxed – and preferably lying – body position helps to ensure comfort.
    • The PLÉSYR Beauty Pod control unit is used to start the mask application. PLUS and MINUS adjust the intensity of the high tone. A relaxed facial musculature is important for the effectiveness of the treatment. Therefore, the high tone intensity should be adjusted so that it is perceived as pleasant.
    • In addition to the PLÉSYR Beauty Mask, which is designed for use on the face, other parts of the body can be treated with the PLÉSYR Beauty Stylo by moving the stylo slowly over the affected areas. There should always be sufficient serum to ensure contact between the skin and the applicator. The stylo works with ultrasound and is also controlled by the Beauty Pod.
    • The products of the PLÉSYR Skincare Line can be used daily or as a supplement to the treatment with the PLÉSYR PROFESSIONAL Line. Instructions for use of the products can be found in the respective package inserts.
  • Can I use several PLÉSYR products at the same time?

    Yes, this is possible. Since each part of the treatment concept is coordinated with the others, the products can be combined without any issue – even those of the same care line. For example, different hyaluronic acid serums can be applied at the same time, depending on the skin and care requirements.

  • Are PLÉSYR products suitable for all skin types?

    Our products adapt to different skin types and needs. You can determine your own skin type in various ways, for example in a beauty salon or by self-diagnosis on the Internet. The product descriptions and package inserts provide information on the products best suited to your skin type.