PLÉSYR Connects the Three Leading Technologies of Skincare to a Highly Effective Skin Treatment Concept

Our hydrophilic hyaluronic acid serums are made up of an innovative combination including hyaluronic acid serums as well as highly effective active ingredients – a luxurious elixir for radiant skin. The nourishing bio-cellulose masks are made of naturally fermented coconut water. They act as the perfect combination of serums and the PLÉSYR Beauty Mask’s applicators. This mask is a wearable high-tech device to carry on one’s face.

The PLÉSYR Product Family at a Glance

A Positive Skin Care Approach in Favor of Greater Wellness

Innovative Skincare Concept

Are you keen on learning about the amazing effects of Swiss premium cosmetics even without visiting a beauty salon? How about being the owner of the world’s smallest beauty salon? What would you think of demonstrating the high quality active ingredients to the people around you and therefore making a huge impact on them?

Premium Cosmetics Made in Switzerland

PLÉSYR combines the best out of nature with the best that lies in science. The development of our skincare concept is based on the manufacturer’s experience in excellent skincare, gathered in decades and decades amidst the fresh air of the Swiss Alps.